Visualize feelings. Visualize the to do list. Visualize the rewards. Repeating a list of affirmations inspires a mindset and stimulates the need to achieve.

1. I deserve happiness.

2. I am filled with excess energy today.

3. I love myself – my strengths and weaknesses.

4. Today, I choose to meet my needs.

5. I will accomplish something today.

6. I will nourish myself today.

7. I have the ability to learn anything.

8. I see my child self, and I love her.

9. I love who I am now, who I am at my worst, who I am at my best, and who I am going to become.

10. I am allowed to love myself.

FOR YOU. To create a list, think of things to change, things to accept, and phrases that need to be heard in times of need.


Wash your face. Free it of the grease that also had a night’s rest in your facial skin. Be sure to start with hot water to open the pore doors. Finish with a splash of ice-cold water to seal and tighten your skin.

The face wash used in this photo is the Vitamin C cleanser from The Body Shop.

Get Dressed. 

Jammies are for lounging. Cozy yourself in fabrics that scream energy, productivity, and motivation. Do it for you. To feel good, and enjoy the success of making yourself feel beautiful. Fashion business owner Stephanie Sissons highlights the importance of dressing for ourselves.

“Empower you to feel brave and confident, because when we feel these things, we accomplish more,” said the owner of Dress Your Lashes.

Make tea.

Whether it’s caffeinated or not, tea’s beneficial for all human bodies. Fill yourself with liquids that are going to love your insides: morning, afternoon and evening.

Eat a nutritious breakfast. 

Allow yourself to consume positive energy. With every mouthful think about how well you’re nourishing yourself in a timely manner. Let the taste buds savour the flavours mixed in your healthy meal. If there is sun, sit in it.

Carly Bearchell, who has a passion for cooking, said overnight oats are her go to breakfast. She said she loves the variety of ways it can be made.

“It’s the convenience of it,” said Bearchell.


1/3 cup  plain Greek yogurt

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

1/2 cup rolled oats

1/2 cup almond milk

1 tbsp maple syrup

1 cup blueberries

1 tbsp chia seeds

Pinch sea salt

Mix in one container and refrigerate overnight.


Any long piece of material can be used to do this stretch. In this photo a bath robe belt is being used.

Our bodies are relaxed while we sleep, and they shrink. We want them to move. We want to stand tall and align our bones the way they were born to. Stretching is suitable for everyone, and we choose our limits. We are in control when we are stretching, of our breath, bodies, and thoughts.

The bridge stretches meets many different parts of the body, and is beneficial to do once a day.

Photos by Jalyce Thompson/SAIT

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