In March 2020 a deadly illness was announced a pandemic. This worldwide catastrophe altered everyone’s lives. We cannot sit in restaurants. We cannot go to a beach and enjoy the sounds of laughter and humans socializing. We cannot see movies at the theatre and eat perfectly salted and buttered popcorn. We cannot try on fabrics that make us feel like a million bucks in a room filled with uplifting and inspiring energies. 

We cannot do many things, and we sink into a hole of negativity thinking about it. But we are still living. We must focus on what we can control. Feelings of helplessness during this time is normal. Our leisure freedoms may be taken away from us, but the air is fresh, and summer is coming. 

This month our magazine is remodeled to meet the needs of our readers. The awareness of our bodies and thoughts is crucial. The articles in this magazine are written to shed light on other ways we can satisfy our needs. Despite everything we’ve lost, there are many more activities that fill our bodies with positive energy. 

Thoughts of going outside seem friendlier as the weather warms. Order those roller-skates. Buy the bike. Cook the recipe you never had time to make. Call everyone. Ask your child self what they need. 

The distance from others gives us more time to look at ourselves. Our eyes don’t see, and our minds don’t compare as much as they would, because we are no longer surrounded by people to be envious of. Look at yourself in the mirror and feel the way you do when you see other people. 

The articles in this magazine wish to be read more than once. We want it to be a vision board for our readers. For them to hang on their walls. For them to have the daily reminder that they deserve the time and care. 

Explore yourself as you would a new city. Find the things you love the most and share that with the world, or keep it to yourself and hold it tight with pure appreciation. 

We have designed this magazine to hang as a decoration on your wall. For you to enjoy looking at and use as a pick me up when up when you wake up unwell. 

We are here to balance the bad news with the good. We hope this edition of our magazine inspires you and brings you peace. 

We’ve revised this magazine because you, our readers, are worth the time. 

We thank you so much for choosing Connections Magazine, and hope you connect with yourself this entire new year.

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