Brendan Bancescu, graduate from Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, located in Vancouver, B.C., said mindful eating is the key to staying nutritious.

“Chewing is more important than someone can imagine.”

The food expert said chewing can affect which ingredients we properly absorb. Chewing slowly is preferred over inhaling the food.

“Taking your time and enjoying yourself and your food can drastically change how you feel during your day.”

He said thoughts towards what we eat also impact the way our body reacts to the food we eat.

The food enthusiast said there are ways we can enhance digestion. 

“Universally, fermented foods are a traditional food used to positively impact digestion.”

Kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, and yogurt are examples given by Healthline as fermented foods.

Bancescu said we must remain mindful both while we’re eating and before we eat.

“Nutritionally, adding protein to a diet in exchange for refined carbohydrates will positively impact metabolism in the average person.”

Bancescu said boosting the metabolism can be as simple as doing three to six minutes of intense cardiovascular strain, otherwise known as cardio, up to two times a day.

Bansescu said there not one way that will work for everyone when adjusting diets due to the COVID-19 lifestyle. 

“Ultimately, everyone as an individual will have to adjust their diet accordingly.”

Someone who ate well and has reduced their physical activity significantly, lowering calories is, more often than not, a good idea during this period.”

Since studying nutrition, Bansescu

has prepared many hearty meals for himself.

“My favourite meal is the Korean dish known as, Bibimbap.”

He said it is simply a nutritious source of protein, sticky rice, and kimchi.

“I do like Huevos Rancheros a lot. Specifically, when it is made using corn tortillas.”

You can find Korean recipes at

A leaf sits in November 2019, under the afternoon sun. The beauty of plants, both inside and outside our bodies, is very healthy for us.

Photo by Jalyce Thompson/SAIT

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