David’s Tea employee Belle Fandrick said there is a science behind the perfect cup of tea.

“If you are drinking a white, green, or oolong tea, you have to steep them at a lower temperature,” said the three-year-long employee.

The tea condenser said these teas should be steeped when the water has settled in the kettle. Steeping the tea in boiling water burns the tea leaves, which creates the bitter taste.

“The perfect time [to steep] would be 4-5 minutes. If it’s a green, white, or oolong then you would do 2-3 minutes.”

When made, Fandrick said, different teas go through a different process and include certain plants and fruits from many parts of the world. 

“Rooibos is a bush that comes from South Africa. The Rooibos tea leaf keeps you naturally hydrated.”

Fandrick said the natural, diverse ingredients found in teas give them all similar and unique health benefits. 

“Sea buckthorn berry in an ingredient in a couple teas, such as sea berry spa. This particular ingredient helps hydrate your skin.”

Iced teas using loose leaf’s have become popular throughout the years. Fandrick explained how to make this cold nutritious beverage.

“You’ll need a 16oz steeper, 2 perfect spoonful’s of tea, 8oz of hot water, and a cup of ice.”

The tea enthusiast said when we pour our tea and water in the steeper, it makes a concentrate. When it is poured over the ice, it gets diluted.

“I drink tea every day. It’s really relaxing to have something warm or cold to sip on. Also, it keeps you hydrated! I at least have one cup every day before bed.”

Start your mornings with a hot or cold beverage filled with many beneficial effects.

Photo by Jalyce Thompson/SAIT

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